Jeddah Track Guide | Sector 1 | F1 2021

There is absolutely no history to go off here - This is about as new as it gets. At the time of writing, the track is not even finished and amazingly we still have it in the sim to drive. With the most number of corners of any circuit on the calendar, Jeddah is set to be a high-speed thriller! The Jeddah Corniche Circuit has a higher average speed than Silverstone, despite being a street circuit, so keeping out of the walls is going to be tricky.

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Sector 1 of Jeddah has more corners than the entire lap at Monza, so this might be a long read. Take notes as there are plenty of places to gain and lose time around these high-speed turns.

Turn 1: Entry

Approaching Turn 1 at Jeddah, get over to the right-hand side of the circuit and begin to spot your braking point. After passing under the 100m board hit the brakes just before reaching the entry kerb. Keep the braking in a straight line and run along the kerb.

Be aware that you should be downshifting smoothly - not quickly - to avoid locking the rear tyres, especially on the kerb.

Turn 1: Apex

For the apex of Turn 1, make sure to get right onto the kerb so that your car is only just on the white line to make the corner less tight.

Come off the throttle at the apex in 3rd gear and then give it a quick dab of power on exit before you reach the kerb for T2. Shift down to 2nd gear after you do this.

Try to compromise your line on exit to benefit the run out of T2.

Turn 2

Turn 2 is much like the first corner but in the other direction. After quickly squirting the throttle between apexes, shift down to 2nd gear and take the apex.

Get fully onto the kerb and take a slightly later apex to get a straighter run out. Short-shift on exit to get the best traction.

Turn 3

Turn 3 is simple and is really just the exit of the second corner. Just make sure to hug the wall as closely as you can and follow the wall around using as little steering as possible.

Short-shift out of T2 to allow you to get the power down - you should be at full throttle by the time you reach the kerb. Take Turn 3 in 4th and then 5th gear.

Turn 4

Turn 4 is a tricky little right-hand flick and very easy to get wrong. Aim to dab the brakes, downshift and turn in at the same time as you are about to pass the 50m board.

Commit to the apex in 5th gear by narrowly missing the wall. At the time of writing, it does not seem to be possible to get invalidated when you cut the kerb here so anything that misses the wall is fair game. Saying that - be careful, that wall is very easy to clip.

Get back on the power as you run over the apex kerb and run out onto the kerb for T5.

Turn 5

As you run out of the previous corner, carry the momentum onto the kerb of Turn 5 and straddle it all the way around, keeping it within track limits. Stay on the kerb until the wall starts, getting as close as you can to it.

You should be at full throttle in 5th gear throughout Turn 5 if you can. Aim to stay tight to the right all of the way so that you are on the right line for T6 and shift up to 6th gear before you get there.

Turn 6

Aim to keep it flat coming into Turn 6. It may be necessary to do a small lift if the car is understeering to help the front turn, so don't force it if your car is not feeling right.

Shift into 6th gear before the corner and aim to get as close as you can to the inside wall.

Make sure to say tight to the inside on the exit as T7 comes immediately afterwards so you don't want to miss it.

Turn 7

Stay tight to the inside coming into Turn 7 and run right up against the wall. Begin to open the steering as you hit the clipping point and drive straight out towards T8.

Use either 6th or 7th gear depending on your speed out of T6. A good line through T6 should enable you to take Turn 7 flat out.

Turn 8

Carry the speed heading into Turn 8, making sure to use all of the track available on the inside. Ensure you stay smooth and avoid unnecessary steering.

Keep it flat out as you run over the kerb and then make your way to the exit kerb. Just before you reach the white line across the track, lift-off for T9.

Turn 9

Lift or dab the brakes as you approach the white line that crosses the track on entry and turn into Turn 9 from the entry kerb.

Get the car into the apex and try to come as close as you can to the wall on the inside. Get back on the power after you hit the kerb.

You should use 6th gear at the apex so either stay in gear or shift down at the turn-in point, depending on if you chose to go into 7th or not.

Turn 10

For Turn 10, get back on the power before you reach the apex and keep it flat until T13. Use 6th gear for the apex and then upshift after you have come off the kerb.

Take all of the apex kerb. Then, try to open up the steering as early as possible so that you only use enough to get you out towards the T11 kerb.

Turn 11

Turn 11 is just an exit kerb in the mind of a driver. Use it to carry the speed out of T10 and keep the throttle pinned onto the straight.

Shift up to 7th gear before the kerb. Make sure to get the car straight as soon as you can and head towards T12 on the shortest line possible.

Turn 12

Turn 12 is the final corner of the sector. For this one just make sure to head towards the gentle kink on the inside to reduce the distance. Get as close as you can to the wall and hug it most of the way around. Shift up to 8th gear after the kerb ends, maintaining a smooth line.

The key thing to remember here is the DRS, so get it open as soon as you can.

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