Istanbul Track Guide | Sector 3

Istanbul, specifically the Intercity Istanbul Park, is back on the F1 calendar in 2020. Check out our in-depth guides on how to nail this modern legend that only opened in 2005 but has always been a drivers' favourite - especially for its crazy fast, multiple left-hander: turn eight

Sector three is Istanbul's shortest and consists of only three corners that are all highly interdependent. However, the fact that the entry into turn 12 is the track's best overtaking spot makes this an exciting section.

You can find our guide for Istanbul Park's sector two here.

Turn 12

Turn 12 is the track's prime overtaking spot as you approach it at maximum speed and going down the gears. The corner's radius around the kerb is actually not constant and you'll want to take a slight v-line to maximise your braking phase and hit the late, second apex.

The following corners are all interdependent so be patient on the exit as you need to stay towards the left.

Turn 13

As you come out of the previous left-hander, quickly change direction and keep your eyes firmly on T13's apex.

Don't dive in too fast as - again - you need to bring the car back to the side of the track for a wide entry into the following corner.

The red and white kerbs are flat as usual around this track so make sure you place your inside wheels on them as much as you can without hitting the green bit.

Turn 14

We talked about thinking about the exit in the previous two corners but you need to take this to another level in T14.

This is the last corner of the track and it's slow! As result, you need to take a very wide line with a late turn-in to get the straightest, fastest exit possible out of it onto Istanbul's start-finish straight.

If you are on an out-lap or lining up for an overtake on the straight, take this to further extremes and go all the way to the white line on the right before cutting across the track to straighten your car even more as you put your foot down.

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