Istanbul Track Guide | Sector 2

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Istanbul, specifically the Intercity Istanbul Park, is back on the F1 calendar in 2020. Check out our in-depth guides on how to nail this modern legend that only opened in 2005 but has always been a drivers' favourite - especially for its crazy fast, multiple left-hander: turn eight

Sector two is very fast and quite long in terms of distance. Most importantly, it contains Istanbul's turn eight - the front right tyre and drivers' neck killer that will surely show ridiculous speeds as the latest F1 cars hit the track.

You can find our guide for Istanbul Park's sector one here.

Turn 7

As you exit turn six, it is quite a steep run up the hill towards and through turn seven.

As the corner gets wider towards the exit, there is a tempting amount of space to utilise for a wider line.

However, as you are resting on the front left tyre's maximum available grip for quite a while, make sure not to touch the exit kerb too early as it will reduce your grip level and drag you off track.

Turn 8

Istanbul's highlight: the crazy fast, quadruple left-hand turn eight.

This should be flat in F1 this year but let's see how this might be impacted by factors such as fuel load and tyre wear.

The first apex should be avoided to get a wider line into the rest of the corner. As this is more about stability through downforce rather than the exact positioning of your car, you can safely leave half a meter between your car and the other apex kerbs.

Turn 9

Another bottom of a hill which suddenly changes elevation around the apex.

You are approaching turn nine quite fast after the ultra-fast turn eight so prepare yourself for heavy braking.

This turn is followed by a right-hand kink (turn ten) which needs to be taken flat out so do not run too wide on the exit of turn nine.

Turn 10

Turns nine and ten are followed by Istanbul's main overtaking section so exit speed is key.

As there is plenty of space on the outside (including a bit of tarmac from a connecting road), widen your exit as much as possible to carry all the speed you can get onto the following straight.

Turn 11

Not much to say about turn 11 as it is taken flat out in any type of car.

Take a gentle, wide line through it and if you're in a race, get that slipstream going for you.

As the next corner is one of the slowest of the entire track, this section is the most important one for overtaking around Istanbul Park.

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