Istanbul Track Guide | Sector 1

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Istanbul, specifically the Intercity Istanbul Park, is back on the F1 calendar in 2020. Check out our in-depth guides on how to nail this modern legend that only opened in 2005 but has always been a drivers' favourite - especially for its crazy fast, multiple left-hander: turn eight

Sector one is made up of long corner combinations that allow you to really put your aero to use. This sector is all about maximising your space and smooth direction changes under high loads.

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Turn 1

Turn 1 after the start-finish straight in Istanbul is a fast right-hander with plenty of space including a flat exit kerb.

As the elevation drops mid-corner, expect to understeer a little as the nose of your car gets light.

Istanbul's apex kerbs can mostly be taken but make sure not to put your tyres into the slightly lower part beyond the red and white bit.

Turn 2

As you exit turn one and use all the kerb available to you, you enter turn two which is easily flat in F1.

Do hug the long apex kerb initially but let the car run wide as you exit the corner in order to reduce your front tyre's friction.

Running wide also sets you up in the right way for the entry into the following turn three.

Turn 3: Approach

The key to a fast and clean turn three is in the supposedly simple approach to it.

Instead of sticking to the right early on, take a bit of an arch into the braking zone as the track is not completely straight.

That way, you are actually all the way to the right as you turn in rather than a few metres before.

Turn 3: Apex

Once you do position the car right for a wide turn-in, the apex is exactly at the point the little exit road meets the kerb.

The inside kerb is flat so do make sure to attack all of it to get the best possible radius around the corner.

Be patient on the exit and do not run all the way to the right as you immediately need to change direction for the following right-hand turn four.

Turn 4

As stated, Istanbul's apex kerbs are quite inviting so do make sure to use them but do not place your inside wheels an inch further than the red and white bit.

There is a significant drop beyond those which will massively unsettle your car - at least in single-seaters.

Do not run too wide on the exit as your focus already needs to be on the entry for turn five.

Turn 5

Try to be really smooth as you change direction into turn five.

Keep a steady speed through the mid-corner part and quickly get back on the throttle for the following flat-out section without running too wide as this corner is directly connected to turn six.

Turn 6

As tempting as it may seem to kiss the apex here, you should actually take a wider line.

There is so little space and time between T5 and T6 that it is really just one double left-hander.

In order to put your foot down out of turn five, you simply need to take a wider line through turn six and the benefit of being on full throttle earlier outweighs the slight time-loss due to the missed apex.

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