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Updated: May 7

Intercity Istanbul Park is another Hermann Tilke designed track, this time in the less common anticlockwise configuration. With features resembling multiple world-famous tracks, many people believe this circuit is one of the better ones we have seen in F1. The track made its return in 2020, off the back of the Covid Pandemic, following a nine-year gap. The track highlight is the super-fast, multiple apex left-hander of Turn 8, which is totally flat out today.

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Sector 3 at Istanbul park is all about compromising the lines to get a good exit out of the final corner. It starts off with the small kink down the back straight, taken with DRS open, before reaching the biggest stop on the circuit. This is a great spot for overtaking in the race. It finishes with the tight twists of Turns 12, 13 & 14.

Turn 11

Turn 11 is much less of a turn than it is a small kink in the back straight. Therefore, if allowed, it can easily be taken with the DRS open.

The key here is to turn as little as possible and be smooth to avoid scrubbing unnecessary speed. You should am to kiss the white line but not the kerb for the same reason.

Additionally, on your way out of T10, focus on nailing the upshifts (typically at the blue light) so that you save an extra few hundredths.

Turn 12

Turn 12 has the heaviest braking zone on the entire circuit so it is a key point for overtaking. You want to hit the brakes around the 100m board.

Even in an F1 car, the V-Line is the prefered line to allow you to brake later and position the car further to the left on exit to prepare for T13. This means clipping the apex early in 2nd gear, running out a little wide mid-corner and then cutting back for a late 2nd apex.

It is important to be well over to the left on exit so that you make it easier to take a late apex into T13 and then T14. Since the last three corners are interlinked, your exit out of here will impact your exit out of the final corner.

Turn 13

Turn 13 is critical to set up the final corner and is all about compromise. Providing you are fully on the left side out of T12 you should be able to take a nice wide line into the apex.

Shift up to 3rd gear early before you reach the kerb to stabilise the rear and make a late apex. Clip the apex kerb slightly to help rotate the car but not too much as to unsettle it.

Ensure you run no further than the middle of the track on the way out as you need to get fully over to the right to make a wide entry into the last corner.

Turn 14

The final corner - It's all about exit. For Turn 14 take a super wide, super late entry into the apex so that you can get early on the power for the best exit.

Stay in 3rd gear, make a late apex and only slightly clip the kerb to avoid losing too much traction. Similarly, on exit try not to use too much exit kerb so that you can get the power down and get a good run towards the line.

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