Interlagos Track Guide | Sector 3 | F1 2021

Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace, better knowns as Interlagos, is a pre-World War II track situated in a giant bowl in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The circuit has many banked corners, mostly due to the oval layout that used to run around the perimeter of this bowl. The circuit has hosted many historic races, including when Senna managed to win at home after his gearbox was stuck in 6th gear. It's a classic, old school circuit with a carnival-like atmosphere. Interlagos is the second-highest track of the season and has the third-highest elevation difference between the highest and lowest points.

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Sector 3 of Interlagos is all about the long uphill drag to the line, as Gasly and Hamilton found out in 2019. Getting a good exit out of T12 is critical and the rest is just about minimising the scrub through the corners up to the line.

Turn 12 (Junção)

Braking into Turn 12 is uphill so you can brake a little later than you think - about 75m. Run the braking a little dreep and then cut back for a late apex.

Shift down to 3rd gear for the kerb and run about half of the car over it. This helps you to smoothly rotate the car but does not cause it to go airborne.

As soon as you pass the kerb, short-shift up to 4th gear and begin to straight line the exit for the best traction up the hill (the main priority). At most, kiss the exit kerb or you will reduce the traction up the hill.

Turn 13

Make your way fairly quickly from the right side of the track to the left for Turn 13. While not much of a corner, time can still be made up by reducing the unnecessary distance travelled. Obviously, take this flat out.

Clip the white line as the kerb ends, staying smooth, staying flat and staying tight to the inside.

Turn 14 (Subida dos Boxes)

Through Turn 14, simply stay flat out, keep tight on the entry and exit and follow the white line around. The downforce is high here so there is no risk of scrubbing speed doing this. You should have reached 7th gear by this point where the track begins to level off.

Turn 15

The final corner is much the same as T14 except this time with no kerb. Enter from the left side (almost like you are entering the pits), straddle the green painted section whilst staying flat out so that you only just remain within the track limits. Keep it tight to the left towards the line for the shortest run.

Remember to open the DRS at the earliest opportunity and use it through the kink in 8th gear.

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