Interlagos Track Guide | Sector 1 | F1 2021

Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace, better knowns as Interlagos, is a pre-World War II track situated in a giant bowl in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The circuit has many banked corners, mostly due to the oval layout that used to run around the perimeter of this bowl. The circuit has hosted many historic races, including when Senna managed to win at home after his gearbox was stuck in 6th gear. It's a classic, old school circuit with a carnival-like atmosphere. Interlagos is the second-highest track of the season and has the third-highest elevation difference between the highest and lowest points.

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Sector 1 of Interlagos begins with the famous Senna Esses, before heading through the Curva do Sol onto the first DRS straight on the lap. The elevation change and track banking are particular things to watch out for when going through this sector.

Turn 1 (S do Senna): Entry

Coming into the entry for Turn 1, you are at the highest part of the track. Position the car to the right-hand side so your right tyres are touching the white line.

Once you pass the 50m board, hit the brakes in a straight line, run a little deep and then trailbrake in towards the apex. Use the banking of the corner to help turn the car in but be wary that the track starts to fall away closer to the apex.

Turn 1 (S do Senna): Apex

For Turn 1, take a slightly later apex and clip the flat part of the inside kerb to keep the car marginally stable as the track falls away.

You want to trailbrake up to the apex and then pick up a 50% throttle to maintain speed through until you transition to T2. Use 2nd or 3rd gear at the apex (depending on setup) and then short-shift to 4th gear on the transition to T2.

Slightly compromise your line on the exit in order to take a wider line into T2. This will allow you to get on the power earlier and therefore, carry more speed onto the straight following T3 (Curva do Sol).

Turn 2 (S do Senna)

In Turn 2, take a nice wide, sweeping line to make a late apex. This allows you to get on the power sooner and carry more speed out. Use the fact that the track begins to level out to take all of the kerb. This compression allows the tyres to have increased grip (from higher vertical loads).

Hold about 75% throttle in 4th gear as you take the kerb to ensure the rear stays balanced and then begin to reach full throttle as soon as you clear the apex.

Turn 3 (Curva do Sol): Apex

The kerb of Turn 3 begins as the exit kerb for the Senna Esses. You want to run about half a car onto the kerb initially before coming off it for the sweeping left of Turn 3. This ensures the car remains stable and you are not scrubbing speed.

Aim to reach full throttle before you first touch the kerb out of T2 and hold it all the way through the corner. If you can, try to do all of the upshifts whilst you are off the kerbs to avoid wheelspin.

To save an extra few hundredths, continue to hug the left side on the way out onto the straight. You can do this because the downforce at speed ensures you are not scrubbing the front tyres.

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