Imola Track Guide | Sector 3

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Imola, specifically the Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari, is back on the F1 calendar in 2020. Check out our in-depth guides on how to nail this wonderful track known for its technical, sweeping corners as well as for being the place where F1 lost one of its greatest: Ayrton Senna. You can find our guide for Imola's sector two here

Turn 11: Variante Alta

Yet another chicane around Imola and it's the one where you can make or break it. T11 and T12 - Variante Alta - form a tight chicane with high kerbs.

Brake in a straight line and try to take as much kerb as possible as the slightest bit of extra space can help you get through this chicane faster.

But be careful: Depending on your car's setup and the sim you are racing on, these kerbs can catapult you in the air which will totally destroy your lap time. Our safe recommendation: Only slightly tough the flat inside bit of this entry kerb at most.

Turn 12: Variante Alta

Part two of this tricky chicane has an even nastier inside kerb. The line benefit makes it tempting to attack the sausage kerb but simply does not work in a single-seater.

In old F1 videos, you see drivers attacking this kerb as there was no big sausage kerb on the inside.

Our advice for this updated version of the track it to drive around it to have a stable rear as you get back on the throttle.

This differs for GT and road cars where you might be able to be faster by taking the sausage kerb.

Turn 13

Turn 13 almost seems like you can just forget about it as it is easily flat but it is actually a critical part of this track.

Yes, it is flat out but since you start braking for T14 immediately after, the line makes a huge difference. In order to have your steering completely straight whilst being on the very right of the track, you need to delay your turn-in. Take a late, wide entry so that you end up alongside the kerb on the right immediately after hitting the apex.

Turn 14: Rivazza

Rivazza, the last proper part of this track, is a double left-hander with big apex and exit kerbs.

As these kerbs are relatively flat and the track is narrow in this section of the track, attack them as much as possible to widen the space around you. Make sure you are gentle on the throttle, though, as the kerbs will naturally unsettle the car a bit.

Make sure that you already look towards the exit so that you don't run wide and ruin your lap.

Turn 15: Rivazza

Turn 15 leads you onto Imola's longest flat-out section which is why it is all about the corner's exit here.

Take a lot of inside kerb and immediately plant your foot after. In order to do that with high-powered cars, e.g. F1, you want to have your steering as straight as possible to give the rear tyres more traction.

As a result, run alongside the narrow yet helpful exit kerb all the way until you are fast enough to avoid the danger of spinning the wheels.

Turn 16/17

The last two "corners" of the track are really just little right-hand kinks on the start-finish straight. As this is a long flat-out passage and the best overtaking spot, reducing friction when moving the steering wheel is key.

Use all the space available to you around the apexes including the green bits. These are still asphalt and help you open up the steering a tiny bit more which can have quite an impact as you reach high speeds.

Full lap of Imola in Assetto Corsa

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