Hungaroring Track Guide | Sector 3 | F1 2021

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

The lack of straights at the Hungaroring means it is commonly compared to a karting circuit. This corner dominated layout often sees cars run downforce levels similar to that of Monaco, rewarding a good chassis more so than lots of power. It’s a challenge for even the best drivers, so finding a good rhythm is key here.

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Only 3 corners to navigate through the final sector at the Hungaroring but they are important ones. Your tyres will be screaming after the ruthless Sector 2 so it is all about getting the car home without making any mistakes.

Turn 12

Brake in a straight line for Turn 12 right around where the kerb on the left starts and shift down to 3rd gear.

As you turn in try to gently run over the apex kerb as this is the best compromise between line and traction.

Make the most of all of the exit kerb before getting back over to the right before the overhead gantry ready for the penultimate corner.

Turn 13: Apex

Turn 13 is the first of the two 180 degree corners to finish the lap and this one feels like you are in it forever.

Brake and turn in just after you go under the ad banner and shift down to 2nd gear.

Take a smooth sweeping line to carry as much minimum speed as you can. Make a late apex, aiming for the white line as hitting the kerb could kill your grip.

Turn 13: Exit

On the exit of Turn 13 cross over the dotted line of the pitlane entry to make the most of the track available.

Short shift to improve traction and bring the car back over to the left to get the widest line into the final corner.

Turn 14

So here we are. The last corner - Turn 14. Use the marshal post as your reference to turn in and trailbrake down to 3rd gear.

Aim for a really late apex to get a good run onto the straight (more important when starting a hotlap or in a race situation).

Carry as much minimum speed as you can, avoiding the step on the inside kerb. Use this momentum to carry speed out and run all the way over the exit kerb. Prepare to open DRS and relax for the only break you will get in the lap.

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