Hungaroring Track Guide | Sector 2 | F1 2021

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

The lack of straights at the Hungaroring means it is commonly compared to a karting circuit. This corner dominated layout often sees cars run downforce levels similar to that of Monaco, rewarding a good chassis more so than lots of power. It’s a challenge for even the best drivers, so finding a good rhythm is key here.

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Sector 2 of the Hungaroring is absolutely full of corners and straights are non-existent. This puts a lot of heat and load through your tyres so you better look after them in a race. It is important to keep your focus as you don't get a break at all through this section so finding a good rhythm is critical.

Turn 4: Entry

Coming up to Turn 4 - one of the fastest corners on the circuit, you want to hold your line a little left on the run towards the corner This is so that you can kink it right before the turn-in point to get the widest entry.

Shift up to 7th gear and keep your eyes ahead, looking towards where you want the car to go.

Turn 4: Apex

The apex of Turn 4 is super fast and is over in a flash. Quickly dab the brakes on turn-in and downshift to 6th at the same time.

Use all of the apex kerb to increase the radius of the corner and run the car all the way onto the exit kerb to maximise the speed.

Try to get yourself back over to the left as soon as you can though for the best line into T5.

Turn 5

Move the car over to the left for the widest possible entry, using the marshal post as your reference.

Try to pick up a late apex but avoid hitting the inside kerb as this will cause your downforce to drop off and give you bad traction.

You should be using either 3rd or 4th gear depending on your car and setup.

Turn 6

The Turn 6 & 7 chicane is a tricky one as an F1 car tends to be most happy at high speeds on flat terrain. Brake hard in a straight line as the kerb on the left starts and shift down to 3rd gear.

Kiss the edge of the inside sausage kerb, getting fully on it will send your car in the air and of course, you can't have any grip if your tyres are not on the ground!

Try to compromise the exit so that you don't run too wide on the way out, which will give you a better line through T7.

Turn 7

On the transition between Turn 6 & 7, short shift up to 4th to avoid wheelspin coming out of the corner.

Again, aim to hit the edge of the sausage kerb so that it does not send you in the air but you are taking the shortest route you can.

Run out onto the exit kerb to maximise minimum speed.

Turn 8

For Turn 8 you should dab on the brakes and shift down to 4th gear at the same time just after the 50m board. Turn in just after you do this.

Clip the apex kerb gently to avoid spinning and make sure not to run out too wide or it will cost you through T9. Make sure to get back over to the left as best you can.

Turn 9

For Turn 9, stay in 4th gear and take a wide line in, aiming for a late apex.

Use plenty of inside kerb and get on the power early for the best exit.

Run out over the exit kerb before getting back over to the middle of the track for the smoothest run through T10.

Turn 10

Turn 10 is easy flat and is all about putting the car in the right position for T11.

Gently clip the apex and hug the inside all the way to the turn-in point of T11, avoiding scrubbing speed and using minimal steering lock.

Turn 11

Hold onto your hats! Turn 11 takes commitment and confidence. It is one of those corners that is really close to being flat out so it is all about how little you can lift the throttle.

It is important that you do lift the throttle slightly though as this helps get the nose of the car into the apex, so no heroics here.

Turn in at the kerb at the same time as you lift, staying on the limiter in 6th.

Use the apex kerb but avoid getting greedy and hitting the grass on the inside as this will cause all sorts of chaos. Run out onto the exit kerb to carry as much speed as possible down the straight.

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