Hungaroring Track Guide | Sector 1 | F1 2021

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

The lack of straights at the Hungaroring means it is commonly compared to a karting circuit. This corner dominated layout often sees cars run downforce levels similar to that of Monaco, rewarding a good chassis more so than lots of power. It’s a challenge for even the best drivers, so finding a good rhythm is key here.

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Sector 1 of the Hungaroring begins with a heavy braking zone into the hairpin at Turn 1. Next is a tricky downhill left where trailbraking is key and the exit is important to set you up for the flat out Turn 3.

Turn 1: Entry

Turn 1 entry is a heavy braking zone after a long DRS straight. It is slightly downhill so be careful on the brakes.

You want to hit the brakes midway between the 50 and 100m boards and downshift aggressively to 2nd gear for best rotation.

Turn 1: Apex

At the apex of the first corner, you want to try to reach the kerb later so that you are able to get onto the power earlier for a better exit. 2nd gear here.

You should short shift to 3rd gear for better traction just after you apex.

Turn 1: Exit

Try to straighten the exit out of Turn 1 as much as possible so that you are better able to put the power down, avoiding the kerb on the outside can also help with this.

Make sure you only open DRS when the wheels have gripped up at full throttle or you risk spinning them up.

Bring the car back over to the right once the car is stable to shorten the distance around the kink towards T2.

Turn 2: Entry

On the entry to Turn 2, it is important to widen the entry to get the fastest line through the corner. Use some of the entry kerb to help you do this.

For this corner, you want to aim for a late apex but the main priority is keeping the minimum speed high so if you just miss the apex don't worry too much.

Get back on the power earlier than you think to set you up for a faster exit.

Turn 2: Exit

On the exit of Turn 2 aim to carry the speed out, running almost to the white line, making sure to get back to the middle of the track to make T3 a little easier to take flat out.

Don't get too greedy coming out of here, as going wide might mean you have to lift through T3 which will cost you a lot of time all the way to T4.

Turn 3

Turn 3 is easily flat in modern F1, providing you set the car up in the right position coming out of T2.

You can kiss the inside kerb here but don't worry if you just miss it as it won't gain you much time. It is probably best that you don't take a lot of it though as this will scrub unnecessary speed or even cause you to spin.

Gently use the exit kerb if you need to but again, not too much or it will slow you down.

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