How can you stop oversteering? | Track Titan platform explainer

Oversteering is a racer's worst nightmare. There is nothing worse than watching your lap times crumble from just a touch too far on the throttle or the brake. In this video we look at how the Track Titan platform can help you learn and stop oversteer!

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As always, you can find the video's full script below in case you would like to read about certain details.

Check out our other video guides and pro onboard laps here.

'Oversteer' Tutorial | How Can You Stop Oversteering? (full script)

One of the bespoke Track Titan scoring categories is ‘Oversteering’. In this video we're going to give you a brief introduction on what oversteering is and how Track Titan can help you become a faster sim racer oversteering is all about exceeding the available grip limits on the rear axle.

Whilst there are several reasons as to why you might oversteer, they all lead to the same outcome. The car wants to rotate itself around the centre axis meaning that the rear of the car wants to overtake the front. In the best-case scenario, you can't steer quickly to save the car and lose a ton of time. In the worst-case scenario, you end up going into a spin.

Each of your four tyres has a finite amount of grip and if you're asking too much of one or both of the rear tires you start to oversteer. This can happen because you apply too much throttle which causes the wheels to spin or because you're unloading the rear too much on turn-in, for instance, by braking too much as you turn into a corner.

As if that wasn't already bad enough, the fact that you're going sideways also causes you rear tires to overheat meaning they have less and less grip and this causes you to go down what we call the oversteering spiral of death.

So now that we understand the fundamentals of what oversteering is and why it's bad for you let's take a look at how the Track Titan coaching platform can help you get rid of it. If you're losing a lot of time due to oversteering that score is going to be low.

That can either be because you oversteer a little bit across the entire corner or for a short moment but for quite a lot. Or in the worst case, you could have a steer throughout the entire corner and whilst that might make you the ‘Drift King’, it's not exactly the fastest way to drive around the racetrack.

Now let's take a look at how Track Titan can help you avoid oversteering. So, once you click into the oversteering score you're going to see that the racing line has changed to a color-coded line. Green means that you're at or below the tire's grip limits yellow means that you're starting to oversteer and red means you should probably look sideways to see where the car is actually going.

Importantly you can hover over either this chart or the speed chart to see where you start oversteering and at which point you oversteer the most. Do you brake too much as you turn into the corner and therefore oversteer an entry? Or do you perhaps put on the power a bit too aggressively which causes the car to lose traction on the exit?

In particular, if you take a look at the inputs compared to the pro reference it will help you to understand exactly what is the root cause of all your oversteer. Keep a close eye than what happens to your difference to reference graph and you'll start to see that just a little bit of oversteering can cost you a lot of lap time.

So in conclusion, the oversteering score is all about keeping the car stable on the rear axle. Use the Track Titan coaching platform to see where you are losing time due to oversteer and shave seconds off your lap times, quicker than through any other means.

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