Do you maximise your grip through corners? | Track Titan platform explainer

Most simracers are leaving grip on the table which costs them seconds per lap. See how the Track Titan AI Coaching Platform can help you improve this!

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As always, you can find the video's full script below in case you would like to read about certain details.

Check out our other video guides and pro onboard laps here.

'Using Grip' Tutorial | Are You Using All the Available Grip? (full script)

One of the bespoke Track Titan scoring categories is ‘Using Grip’. In this video we're going to give you a brief introduction on the importance of using all the available grip and how Track Titan can help you be a faster sim racer.

Driving fast is all about one thing, being on the limit at all times. This is exactly what we mean by ‘Using Grip’. If you're using all the available grip through all the phases of the corner, you're going to be maximising your car's potential by squeezing every little bit of performance out of it.

A common way to lose time as a beginner is to be on the limits in some part of the corner but not in others. This means that you're leaving valuable lap time on the table as you go around the track and this can add up quite quickly. ‘Using Grip’ is not just about braking aggressively or being on the power as early as possible, it's equally important to be on the limit in the transition phases in-between.

Now that we understand the fundamentals of what using grip is all about let's look at how the Track Titan coaching platform can help you get faster by pushing the car harder in all the corner phases. If you're spending too much time in a corner below the grip limit your ‘Using Grip’ score is going to be low. This can be due to the fact that you are far below the grip limit in one part of the corner or because you are leaving a little bit on the table throughout the entire corner.

Let's take a look at how Track Titan can help you use all the available grip. Now we're going to click into Sector 15 here because it's the driver's worst sector and we're going to click on the ‘Using Grip’ score, and you'll notice that the racing line has changed to a color-coded green and blue line.

Now the goal here is to have this line as green as possible and this means that you're maximising all the available grip by really leaning on the tyres or simply because you're able to be at full throttle. As you can see this lines got some blue spots and this is exactly how you can see where you're not quite reaching the tyre’s grip limits.

We strongly recommend that you use the ‘Using Grip’ analysis in conjunction with other insights to see quickly how and why you are losing time. Here for instance, we can see that the driver is not braking hard enough and therefore not maximising all the grip.

The insight is that they could brake later and heavier which would save them quite a lot of time compared to the reference now moving towards the mid corner section you can see that the driver is clearly leaving quite a bit of grip on the table. And this means that they could probably carry more speed into and throughout the corner and as you can see from the ‘Difference to Reference’ chart, this is exactly why they're losing time throughout the corner as well as on the exit due to the lower minimum speed.

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