Circuit of The Americas Track Guide | Sector 2 | F1 2021

The Circuit of The Americas is a relatively recent addition to the F1 calendar, being completed in 2012. The circuit helped put the United States Grand Prix back on the calendar for the first time since Indianapolis in 2007. The circuit shares high-speed features with tracks like Silverstone and Suzuka, as well as elements that mimic Hockenheim. The main highlight is the hugely steep, very wide uphill run into Turn 1, so watch out for daring moves into there. Everything's bigger in Texas after all!

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Sector 2 at COTA is a real challenge. Particularly at the start of the sector as the tyres are likely to be overheating off the back of Sector 1. In the race, It's all about getting yourself in good shape to maximise the long straight.

Turn 7

Coming out of T6 try to get back over to the right for the entry of T7. Use the lightbox on the right as your turn-in reference.

Shift to 5th gear for the apex and take the kerb without hitting the sausage. Quickly burst the throttle on the way out but leave space on the exit to get back to the left for T8.

Turn 8

Drive out to the white line on the left side of the track on entry for the widest line in.

Take the apex in 4th gear relatively late so that you don't clip the sausage kerb but can still use all of the track on the inside.

Think about setting up a good exit out of the next corner (T9) by hugging the inside kerb slightly more than you would think to widen the line in.

Turn 9

Make a late turn into the apex of Turn 9 in 4th gear for the best exit. It is important to carry good speed through for the run down to T11 and the DRS detection zone.

Run as much exit kerb as you can but be careful not to take it too far. In real life, this is common place for track limits penalties.

Turn 10

The kink of Turn 10 is simple (as long as the track is dry). Take it full throttle and run fully over the flat kerb. No need to worry about sausage kerbs here, just make sure not to cross all four wheels over the white line. See how little you can turn the wheel.

Turn 11: Entry

Similarly to the first corner, for Turn 11, straddle the entry kerb as there is more grip here in the game than there would be in real life.

Despite the decent grip on the kerb it is still important to get the braking done in a straight line. Hit the brakes just as you pass the 100m board.

Turn 11: Apex

The straight after Turn 11 is the longest on the circuit so the exit is all that really matters here. Take a late apex to allow you to get on the power earlier and in a straighter line.

Briefly shift into 2nd gear to aid rotation before short-shifting up to 3rd on the way out. Stay off the exit kerb to avoid wheelspin.

Turn 12: Entry

Following the super-long DRS straight, bring the car over to the right for Turn 12 and straddle the entry kerb again.

Hit the brakes before the 100m board and hold the car in a straight line through the majority of the braking phase. Make the most of the downforce at high speed by braking as hard as you can initially and then reducing the brake pressure as the grip reduces.

Turn 12: Apex

Shift down to the 2nd gear for the apex of Turn 12. Finally, a sausage kerb that we can use! Cut fully over the kerb so that you miss the raised part of the sausage.

Turn 12: Exit

On the exit of Turn 12, short-shift to 3rd and run out to gently touch the kerb. Remember to stay off the AstroTurf and make your way back over to the kerb on the left for T13.

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