Barcelona Track Guide | Sector 2

Updated: Mar 31

The Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona is considered by many as an all-rounder circuit, which is one of the reasons why F1 often goes there for pre-season testing. The circuit has a really good mix of high, medium and low-speed corners to test any drivers ability.

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Sector 2 is a technical one, with various corner types and some significant elevation change. Secor 2 ends with the famous blind Turn 9 - Campsa, which can now be taken flat out by some of the top F1 cars.

Turn 4 (Repsol): Entry

Making sure to get back over to the left before the bridge, straddling the kerb, take as wide a line as possible (stay within the lines) in to Turn 4 - Repsol.

Downshift very quickly to 4th gear to aid rotation, taking a slightly later turn-in than normal.

Turn 4 (Repsol): Apex

Arriving at the apex of Turn 4, focus on maintaining good minimum speed, using the slight camber to your advantage.

Try to avoid getting on the power too early as this can cause you to understeer and push you wide. Only get back on the power when you are confident you never have to take it off again.

Turn 4 (Repsol): Exit

Let the car run naturally out to the thin exit kerb on the left to avoid scrubbing speed.

As soon as you get to the outside kerb quickly begin making your way back across the track to be on the right-hand side before the braking zone of T5.

Turn 5 (Seat): Entry

Once you have got back over to the right, try to get your wheels straight for braking into Turn 5 - Seat. This braking is a tricky one, as it is slightly downhill and easy to lock up the inside front tyre.

Take a wide arc into the corner, even using some of the outside kerb to open up the corner.

Shift down to third gear initially in the first phase of deceleration or you will hit the limiter.

Turn 5 (Seat): Apex

Just before arriving at the apex, shift down from 3rd to 2nd gear to give a bit more rotation to help you get to the apex.

Once you feel the front gripping up and the car begins to rotate well, short shift up to 3rd and get back on the power.

Turn 5 (Seat): Exit

Exiting Seat make use of all available track so that the left tyres are on, but not over, the white line to take as much speed down the hill as possible.

Turn 6

Turn 6 is not really considered a corner in most peoples eyes as it is easily flat out, but it still officially counts as one. Just make sure to take the shortest route through it to get to T7, aiming to be back on the right-hand side for braking.

Turn 7 (Würth): Entry

The braking phase of Turn 7 (Würth) is very quick and you can also make use of the outside kerb on entry to give a wider line into the apex.

Turn 7 (Würth): Apex

Get right up on the inside kerb here, using the astro but making sure not to go over the white line with the right wheels. It is very easy to get invalidated here.

Use 4th gear at the apex but then shift up to 5th before you get to the apex of T8.

Turn 8 (Würth)

Turn 8 comes very quickly after T7. Similarly to T7 you want to take lots of kerb but T8 differs because of the addition of a sausage kerb on the inside - you want to aim to miss this or it will give you a poor exit going up the hill.

Like T7 it can be easy to invalidate your lap here so be very wary of where the limits of the track are so you don't get a penalty.

Turn 9 (Campsa): Apex

Turn 9 (Campsa) is arguably one of the most famous and challenging corners on the circuit. The blind right-hander at the top of the hill requires ultimate commitment and is flat out for the top cars in F1.

In F1 2020 take this on in 7th gear flat out, using only a little bit of kerb at most because you don't want to lose the downforce from the undertray at this speed.

Turn 9 (Campsa): Exit

On the exit of Campsa you can make good use of the available exit kerb being ready to open DRS as soon as you cross the line and the car is straight. Since you are opening DRS at a high-speed, it is even more important to open the DRS quickly as the drag effect will be amplified at high speed.

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