Barcelona Track Guide | Sector 1

The Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona is considered by many as an all-rounder circuit, which is one of the reasons why F1 often goes there for pre-season testing. The circuit has a really good mix of high, medium and low-speed corners to test any drivers ability.

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Sector 1 is only made up of 3 corners, but that does not mean it is easy to get right. It starts with the quick right-left of the Elf complex and ends with the very long right-hander of Renault (T3).

Turn 1 (Elf): Entry

Approaching Turn 1-2 (Elf) with the DRS open, get fully on the outside kerb as early as you can and brake in a straight line just before the 50m board.

Turn 1 (Elf): Apex

Shift down to 4th gear for T1 and use the full inside kerb. You can use the green painted part as this is fairly flat with good grip.

Short shift to 5th gear before T2 to manage the engine torque and keep the car stable.

T1 and T2 are interconnected so make sure not to run too wide out of T1 or it will compromise the run through T2.

Turn 2 (Elf)

Again, take the full inside kerb and green painted part to create the smoothest line possible.

Make sure to use as little steering lock as possible through here as it can be easy to cause a spin under throttle application.

As you exit T2 you can run out towards the edge of the track but try to get back over slightly towards the centre of the circuit to prepare for the turn into T3.

Turn 3 (Renault): Apex

Turn 3, named Renault, is an almost 180° high-speed right-hander that can seem to go on forever.

T3 is easily flat out so be smooth and avoid scrubbing any unnecessary speed, keeping tight to the inside kerb.

Turn 3 (Renault): Exit

Since T3 is so easily flat out you can use the excess downforce to stay towards the inside of the circuit to reduce the distance travelled and save a few hundredths.

Only let the car run wide once you start to exit T3 onto the short straight, aiming to be fully over to the left by the time you brake for T4.

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