Baku Track Guide | Sector 3

Updated: May 29, 2021

Baku City Circuit in Azerbaijan is a fairly recent addition to the F1 calendar and in that short time, it has produced some incredibly exciting racing moments. It is most famous for the insanely narrow castle section and super long main straight. Learn how to master it below:

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Sector 3 only really involves one braking zone to start the sector off, the rest is all flat out sweeping corners to take you back to the start line, carrying immense speed down the long straight.

Turn 16

Turn 16 is the final braking zone on the track. It almost counts as the final corner despite there officially being four more after this. For this reason, the exit out of here is super important for the run down one of the longest flat out sections on the calendar.

Using all of the track, brake just after the 100m board, shifting down to 3rd gear for the apex.

Try to take a late apex, missing the kerb slightly to maintain traction.

Aim to straddle the exit kerb so both sides of the car are on the flat tarmac for as much time as possible. This will make putting the power down much easier.

Turns 17-20

The final four corners of Turns 17,18,19 & 20 are easily flat out so just try to keep the line as smooth as possible, making sure not to scrub any unnecessary speed.

Be ready to open DRS after Turn 20 and stay to the left of the main straight to shorten the run to the line.

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