Baku Track Guide | Sector 1

Updated: May 29, 2021

Baku City Circuit in Azerbaijan is a fairly recent addition to the F1 calendar and in that short time, it has produced some incredibly exciting racing moments. It is most famous for the insanely narrow castle section and super long main straight. Learn how to master it below:

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Sector 1 begins following the almost never-ending main straight. The sector itself is not particularly exciting as it is made up of just four 90 degree corners, starting with three left-handers and finishing on a right, but there are still some secrets to master it.

Turn 1: Entry

Following the extremely long straight, begin to move over to the right side for Turn 1, straddling the white line as much as possible.

Brake just before the kerb starts and begin to downshift to 3rd gear

Turn 1: Apex

Aim to gently clip the inside kerb here, not a good idea to take too much of it though as it is quite large and could unsettle the car.

Just after making the apex short shift to 4th on the exit to improve traction so you can get back on the power.

Turn 1: Exit

On the exit try to run over the kerb again straddling it up to the wall, keeping two wheels within the white lines at all times.

If possible, try to get over the kerb before it starts and continue straddling it until it ends, that way your tyres stay on the flat tarmac, keeping traction high.

Turn 2

Brake at the 50m board for Turn 2 and shift down to 2nd gear for the apex. Aim for the white line.

Important to get a good exit, thinking about being slow in but fast out to maximise speed down the long straight. Make sure to use all the track available on both entry and exit.

DRS activation is soon after the corner so be ready to make the best use of it.

Turn 3

Move over to the right for Turn 3, yet another 90 degree left. Hit the brakes hard at the 100m board staying in a straight line.

Again, shift down to 2nd gear for the apex, clipping the kerb but short shift to 3rd soon after.

Run up to the wall on the exit, trying to be smooth on the power as you should immediately begin turning towards the left side of the track, ready for the braking zone of Turn 4.

Turn 4

Turn 4 is the final turn in the sector and for a change, it's a right-hander. However, it can still be approached in a similar way to the others in the sector.

Make your way back over to the wall on the left on entry, braking at the 50m board.

Shift down to 2nd gear again for the apex. You don't need to take the inside kerb as it is quite steep but just get as close as you can to it to shorten the distance.

Short shift for the best traction on the exit, running right out to the wall.

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