Bahrain Track Guide | Sector 3

Updated: Feb 6

The Bahrain International Circuit is a technical circuit sculpted from the sand dunes in Sakir. It is typically one of the first races on the F1 calendar (though not for 2020) and provides a good mix of low and medium-speed sections with four high-speed straights. Let’s take a look at how to master this technical circuit on F1 2020.

Sector 3 only has three corners and is extremely fast. As it contains a long straight as well as the initial part of the start-finish straight right after, it is traditionally a sector that sets up overtaking opportunities during a race.

You can find our guide on Bahrain's Sector 2 here.

Turn 13: Approach

As you exit T12, run the full exit kerb until you turn in sharply for T13.

This corner is tough to get right as you want to turn in late for a better exit but not too late as it will often cause drivers to miss the apex.

A good guiding point is the kerb itself. Try to position your turn-in around the point that the kerb starts turning inwards as can be seen in the illustration above.

Turn 13: Apex

T13 is followed by a long straight so the exit is key.

To widen your line, you can aggressively attack the inside kerb as it is - for once around Bahrain - pretty flat. This naturally varies depending on setup but works with most configurations.

Short-shift from 4th to 5th gear on the exit to settle the rear for maximum traction.

Turn 13: Exit

By the time you reach the exit kerb, your steering wheel should be straight and your pedal to the metal.

Once you have used the full track-width, get back onto the tarmac to stop the kerb from scrubbing off speed.

Turn 14: Approach and braking

Again, an F1 2020 specific technique: Braking with half the car on the outside of the kerb.

This gives you a nice, wide entry into the track's final corners (which are really just one corner with an additional kink on the exit).

Brake as the kerb starts and trail-brake deep into the corner.

Turn 14: Apex

Once you have reduced your speed sufficiently, come off the brakes just before the apex and immediately go flat out.

You will struggle with traction as you have quite a bit of steering angle so make sure to be in 4th gear to help with that.

Do not touch the inside kerb around the apex.

Turn 14: Exit and Turn 15

T14 has a little kink on the exit (T15) which means it tightens slightly as you naturally want to straighten your wheels.

At this point, it is critical not to touch the initial bit of the outside kerb as it will drag you off track.

Keep a tight line whilst staying flat out and only fully open up the steering once you have made it past the kink. Then, do run the exit kerb to further aid optimum acceleration and get ready to open DRS for the last few metres of the lap.

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