AI Simracing Coaching | How to use the Track Titan platform to get faster

Want to find out how to get faster with Track Titan? Yes? Well, this guide will give you an overview of the platform and how to make the most out of its features. Watch the tutorial below:

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As always, you can find the video's full script below in case you would like to read about certain details.

Check out our other video guides and pro onboard laps here.

Tutorial | How to use Track Titan (full script)

Let's jump into this. So this is it, this is the Track Titan platform and this is what we call 'The Dashboard' so to speak, the home screen of the platform and of your account. As you can see, that dashboard actually fulfils two purposes: One - It shows all the sessions that you drove previously or the most recent five in that case. If you want to see all of them you simply click on analyze your driving.

The most recent sessions will always pop up here so whenever you record a session, which we record seamlessly in the background, you drive, we record, we stream that data to us in the cloud, we analyze it rapidly and you get the insights once you click into a session.

Secondly, we also show you this hexagon or so to speak the spider diagram of our skills assessment and this is really unique to Track Titan as you can see we don't just show you raw data we actually give you the insights on what you're most struggling with.

So you can see in this case this person isn't using all the available grip overall which should be the main focus area from a learning standpoint. Equally, they're pretty good with over and understeering but they could probably work a little bit on their throttle, braking technique seems good and the racing lines aren't too bad either.

Now that we understand the overall structure of how Track Titan works, let's actually analyze some session data. So we can see all the previous sessions that the user recorded down here and let's pick this one - Laguna Seca in a GT car - Chevrolet Corvette C7R.

We click into a session and you can see all your laps listed here, always compared against a reference lap and that's a really important one you can see it the reference lap is a lap we or another fast user set and you can compare your data to that.

As you can see you have either red or green deltas around the track which means if it's red you're actually losing time compared to this lap. If it's green, which might not happen too often but if it does that's awesome you're actually beating the reference lap through this segment of the track.

And you can see we've segmented each track that the platform supports into different corners so you can actually not just see that you're losing time overall, this lap is about 8 to 9 tenths slower, but we show you instantly where you're losing time.

Now how we would approach this is mainly once you understand okay, this is where I'm losing time, you can simply order the segments by the difference to the reference. So for instance of course, ideally you want to start by analyzing your slowest segment compared to the reference lap.

Now that we understand where we're losing most of our time, in this case in segment 8 as we've ordered the table, let's analyze segment 8. We want to understand what's actually happening here, what's different in our lap compared to that of a pro?

So once you click into a segment you get to this screen which is really the juicy bit of the data analysis. We show you on the left-hand side the racing line analysis which shows exactly how your line, always the orange, compares to that of a pro.

And you can see they differ slightly, not too much, which is also why your racing line score is pretty high in this case. On the right-hand side we have the speed chart which shows you exactly where in a corner you are slower or faster than the other lap.

Equally, quite useful and actually one that we recommend you starting with is the diff to ref functionality. Diff to ref stands for 'difference to reference' and it shows you not just that you are losing a certain amount of time in this corner as a whole but it shows you exactly how that time delta is building up.

So for instance, as you can see the delta, the diff to ref graph always starts at zero and it shows you that actually in this case the driver is losing all their time on the entry, then actually making up time on the exit. So in this case don't worry too much about your throttle application or your line on the exit, this is all about focusing on the entry and improving that part of the corner.

Without going into too much detail, the scores are all clickable as you can see and ideally you score 10 on every single one. We score you from one to ten in different areas such as understeering, oversteering or using grip. What those mean we'll cover in dedicated special videos from here onwards but just to give an idea in this case you can see everything's actually pretty decent except for what we call using grip.

So let's look at what's happening. And this is what using grip shows you, you can click into each of these scores and it shows you different graphs. For instance, if you want to analyze your braking, it's pretty good, you click into braking. If you want to analyze how you use grip, which is actually the problem area, you click onto using grip and you can see if you haven't noticed that actually, the racing line analysis changes to using grip analysis.

And how do we read this? When the graph is green you're actually maximizing your grip or you're simply at full throttle. So you can see we're driving into the corner at full throttle, which we can show see in the cockpit here, we get on the brakes in both cases but you can see our brake pressure is actually much, much lower than the reference lap which means we're simply not using all the available grip, you're leaving grip on the table. Once you turn in, getting towards the limit but then again not maximizing the grip.

And not maximizing the grip simply means you're leaving time on the table and you can really see how the driver is struggling in the braking phase to really apply enough pressure. And this is how you use Track Titan, you click through the scores and if a score is low or just yellow on therefore medium, you click into it, you analyze and we show exactly why you're losing time and by using the speed and diff to ref chart we show you exactly what impact that has on your lap times.

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