Abu Dhabi Track Guide | Sector 3

Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina circuit has been hosting F1's final event of the season for a few years now and the sunset race has produced some crazy classics and led to last-minute world titles for the likes of Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg.

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Sector three contains half of the track's corners and is, therefore, the longest and most complicated by far. With many fast corner-combinations, downforce is key and cars tend to struggle to follow other cars through Abu Dhabi's third sector.

Turn 11: Entry

T11 is another great overtaking spot around Abu Dhabi.

Brake exactly on top of the kerb as you still have the maximum available grip.

This gives you a nice, wide entry into the following T11-12-13 combination.

Turn 11: Apex

T11-13 are challenging due to the constant direction changes.

You need to strike a fine balance between aggressive kerb taking and smooth lines to get that extra little bit of downforce out of the car.

Turn 12

Once you have braked in time for T11 and made the first apex, the major obstacle of this corner combination is already behind you.

Now it's all about keeping the minimum speed up and getting a good exit.

Be gentle around the kerbs and help stabilise the car by short-shifting to fourth gear.

Turn 13

Already in fourth gear, keep the momentum going over the final apex kerb so that the rear of your car stays planted.

Make sure you also use all the exit kerb and quickly re-focus on T14's apex.

Turn 14

T14 is a relatively straight-forward 95-degree left-hander through which you will rely mostly on aerodynamic grip.

In order to help with that, only take the initial part of the kerb and avoid the sausage.

Turn 15

T15 is easy flat so only focus on turning as little as possible.

Make sure to get the car towards the outside on the exit for the important upcoming T17 braking zone.

Turn 16

T16 is flat but many laps still get ruined here due to one simple fact: It instantly leads into the braking zone for T17.

As you are able to slow the car down more with straight wheels, it is crucial that you are a) on the left-hand side and b) have your wheels straight by the time you hit the brakes.

In order to do that, miss T16's apex and see how much later you can brake as a result.

Turn 17

Once you have slowed the car down enough, it's all about minimum speed around the apex.

T17 is one of Yas Marina's few corners without a sausage kerb around the apex so take all of the kerb aggressively. Naturally, it is very easy to get your lap invalidated here by cutting the corner.

Turn 18

Quickly change the direction as you come out of T17 to get a fast, wide entry into T18.

Unfortunately, we are back to Abu Dhabi's usual apex sausage kerbs and since we rely on the aero here, you'll only want to use the flat bit.

Turn 19: Entry

T19 is trickier than it seems as the barrier on the left is blocking your view through the corner.

If you check out the track map at the very start of this post, you'll see that T19 opens up quite a bit on the exit so you can dive into it earlier than you might initially assume.

Turn 19: Apex

As soon as you feel the front gripping, go flat out and keep your steering angle constant for a bit.

As you start hitting the exit kerb, open up your steering more and run towards the blue strip on the exit of the corner.

Turn 19: Exit

Well done if you have made it through T19 on the limit and without taking this inviting outside barrier with you!

Only run along the blue strip for a brief moment and then get back over to the very left of the track for the final two right-hand corners of the track.

Turn 20: Entry

Yet another outside entry kerb around Abu Dhabi; take it all!

Turn 20: Apex

Here it is, an apex kerb without a nasty sausage.

Enjoy the ride over it and pin the throttle aggressively. You have plenty of downforce here so traction usually isn't a problem.

Turn 21: Entry

You made it: We are entering the Yas Marina Circuit's final corner!

The exit leads you onto the very short final bit of the lap and since you can only gain so much by getting a good exit, the focus is all about the entry.

Special hint: If you are on your outlap in qualifying, forget what we just said and widen your entry to gain a few hundredths down the main straight as you start your flying lap.

Turn 21: Apex

Yes, it is only a short run to the line but that does not mean we should waste any time out of T21.

As usual around Abu Dhabi, you have a large, flat exit kerb so make the most of it and stay on the very left until you cross the line to keep your distance as short as possible.

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