Abu Dhabi Track Guide | Sector 2

Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina circuit has been hosting F1's final event of the season for a few years now and the sunset race has produced some crazy classics and led to last-minute world titles for the likes of Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg.

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Sector two wraps up the initial, curvy part of the track before continuing with one of the track's best overtaking spots. As Abu Dhabi's second sector contains two long DRS straights with slow corners right after, out-braking your opponents into T8 is a move you want to practice to perfection.

Turn 5: Entry

T5 is a relatively fast left-hander that instantly leads into the right-hand T6.

As you want to enter with as much speed as possible and the F1 games from Codemasters aren't quite as realistic as other sims, do use all of the outside kerb as you enter T5.

The 50m board is a good reference for your turn-in point.

Turn 5: Apex

Make the most of the kerb and really do take all of it. As T5 is downhill, your front is light and can handle kerbs with more stability.

As some of Abu Dhabi's kerbs are complemented by relatively unusual sausage kerbs that get more flat towards the inside, it is critical that you get the car to that flat bit.

As always, make sure not to cut the corner as you will otherwise get your lap-time invalidated.

Turn 6

After a quick change of direction, drive around T6's apex kerb and be careful not to spin the wheels as you get back on the power.

Try to keep a constant turning radius out of T6 so that you are all the way to the right as you enter T7.

Turn 7

T7 is arguably one of Abu Dhabi's most important corners. It is slow and followed by a long DRS straight, making it the deciding corner for making your overtakes stick.

Shift down to 1st gear for more rotation but quickly shift back up to 3rd once you start accelerating.

As this corner is all about the exit, take a very wide line and do not use the exit kerb to give your rears a bit more grip.

Turn 8

We are entering the Yas Marina Circuit's key overtaking spot: T8.

After braking heavily, only slightly take the inside kerb as the sausage kerb will destroy your lap with so much steering angle.

Don't run too wide as you need a good exit out of the following T9.

Turn 9

Congrats if you made it through T8 without spinning!

Now comes the next tricky bit: Getting a good exit out of the uphill T9. Avoid the inside kerb and be very gentle on the throttle as you exit the corner.

Short-shifting helps with traction as you enter yet another long DRS straight.

Turn 10

T10 isn't really a corner as such but it's still important for better lap times and especially for good overtakes.

Although it is easily taken flat, you can save yourself a bit of time by taking the shorter, inside route.

Get ready to make the most of the DRS by opening it exactly as you cross the activation line.

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