Abu Dhabi Track Guide | Sector 1

Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina circuit has been hosting F1's final event of the season for a few years now and the sunset race has produced some crazy classics and led to last-minute world titles for the likes of Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg.

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Sector 1 is by far the track's shortest and only contains four corners. Get up to speed with Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina Circuit with our in-depth F1 2020 guides now.

Turn 1: Entry

As the start-finish straight is pretty short, you approach T1 right after starting your lap.

Something you couldn't do as aggressively in real life usually helps quite a bit in the F1 games: Using the outside kerb on the entry of a corner.

Use as much space here as possible to widen your entry which enables you to carry more speed in and through T1. The 50m board is a great reference point to turn in at exactly the right time.

Turn 1: Apex

The inside kerb seems inviting but actually unsettles your car a bit so stay off it.

Do try to get onto the white line; slightly clipping the kerb isn't an issue as long as you don't place too much of your car on it.

Turn 1: Exit

As T1 is followed by one of Abu Dhabi's long flat-out parts, a good exit is key.

As a classic modern Tilke track, the exit kerbs are flat all around so make the most of the extra space given to you without exceeding track limits.

As T1's exit is uphill, it is crucial to be on the power early as you otherwise lose even more time going up the hill and through the following corners.

Turn 2

T2-4 are easily taken flat out in modern F1 cars but you can still lose time by scrubbing off too much speed.

To avoid this, do use the inside kerb in F1 2020 to get rid of just a tiny bit of steering angle.

Turn 3

Change direction really gently between T2 and T3 to keep accelerating over the crest.

Once again, do use the inside kerb to your advantage but ensure not to cut the corner as this will invalidate your lap time.

Turn 4

T4 is really just the exit kink out of T3 but since it is officially a standalone corner, let's take a closer look.

The connector roads give you some extra space which you can use to your advantage here before bringing the car over to the right.

Special race tip: Staying on the left throughout T4 and towards T5 in a race can help you line up a great overtake into T5 as you save a few metres compared to your rivals if they stay on the racing line.

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