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Welcome to The Academy

The Academy is Track Titan's new training programme to improve your sim racing and trim seconds off your lap times!

Sign up to Track Titan and gain instant access to The Academy.

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How it works

When you join The Academy, you are going to be given tasks and objectives to complete that are designed to improve your racing. Complete all the objectives and learn the ways you can improve your sim racing.

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Step one in your sim racing journey is learning. Watch an exclusive Track Titan video to expand your knowledge in the subject of this section. From tracks to racing, it will all feed into your sim racing knowledge - and the Quiz stage...

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Now it's time to test your knowledge! Complete in the quiz to see if you can get full marks using the knowledge you gained from the learning section. Getting full marks here is going to help you get the best laptimes in your racing and in the Drive section of The Academy!

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We've taught you everything you need to know. It's time to head out onto track! Take the challenge and see if you can achieve objectives based on our AI analytics engine.